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Request Forms

In addition to its R&D activities R.E.D Laboratories offers fee-for-service testing for several biological parameters. These tests are available to physicians, research institutions... If used for patient evaluation, please note that all our tests are "research only", they must be requested and interpreted by a physician.

You can download a pdf version of our request forms by clicking on the following links:

MSA test (gut microbiota stool analysis-test de selles-stoelgang test) 

Request form, immunity (in English)

Initial Integrative Chronic Lyme Panel

-Immune balance (Th1/Th2) urine test - Europe

- Immune balance (Th1/TH2) urine test - USA 

Formulaire de demande, immunité (Français)

Aanvraag formulier, immuniteit (Nederlands)

- AUTISM Request Form (English)

- STOOL Tests (English)

- sIgA stool test (English)

- Nagalase Testing Request Form (English / Nederlands / Français)

On the request forms you find the assays currently performed at R.E.D. Laboratories, as well as prices and shipping instructions. We may also send these forms by post, upon request. Please make sure that the request form is signed and dated, and sent together with the samples.